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Patty's Pets, LLC
Holland Lop Bunnies & Pionus Parrots

Specializing in breeding exotic birds & purebred Holland Lops Dwarf Bunnies in Florida!

Pionus Parrots & Holland Lop Breeders
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All About Us

Breeders of Holland Lop Dwarf Bunnies & Pionus Parrots

We are a family owned and operated closed Rabbitry of Holland Lop Bunnies,  and , located in Zephyrhills, Florida.  

We specialize in breeding purebred Holland Lop dwarf bunnies (over 21 colors), and several different sub-species of Pionus Parrot such as:  The Maximilian, Blue Headed, Bronze Winged, White Capped, and Dusky.

Visitations are scheduled by appointment only!  

Our Rabbitry offers Pet or Show quality rabbits from Registered Grand Champion Bloodlines.  Our babies have been reserved for customers from all over the USA.  We provide our bunnies excellent care and lots of love.  We want to make sure our babies get loving homes.  

We may wish to speak with you before offering our baby bunnies.  This way we can be sure you know how to care for your new bunny.  If you are planning a visit to Florida just let us know in advance and we can reserve you a baby bunny or parrot!   

We feed our bunnies & birds a special formulated feed, treats, and variety of fresh organically grown vegetables from our own garden beds.  Our aviary is an indoor aviary that gives us the ability to have babies year round.  We use multiple filtration systems, natural and full spectrum lighting, along with climate-controlled monitors.  This limits contact with insects, wildlife, climate changes, reduces blood borne pathogens and parasites.  The birds are fed a variety of fresh organic foods, mixed veggies, fruit, grains, seeds, (No Sunflower), nuts, etc., which includes an organic pellet diet daily.  This is the difference between a strong healthy bird that has been socialized, and maintained in the best possible environment.  

Our parrots will be familiar with basic commands, socialized, leg banded, and fully weaned approx. 12 to 14 weeks of age.  We use an "Abundance Weaning" approach. Babies are kept out of their cages until their last nightly formula feeding.  This gives them plenty of playtime on large bird stands. 

Our brooders are Brinsea Brooders, from the United Kingdom. Maintaining perfect temperatures is vital to a newborn baby chick. This insures proper digestion and minimizes any unnecessary physical or emotional stress. This also gives our family more time to socialize with our babies. 

Make sure your new family member is healthy, strong, and an emotionally happy one.  Please inquire today!

If you would like further information on availability.  Please be sure to include your name, contact number, and the state you live in for further consideration.

We accept payment, and deposits by VISA, MasterCard, AMX, Discover, Post Office Money Orders, and US Currency.  We will ship parrots at buyer's expense in the continental USA.  DNA certificates on birds are available upon request.

Sorry, we do not ship Bunnies!

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