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Holland Lop Bunny Care

The Best Breed of Rabbits are the Holland Lops, IMO.  They are very easy to care for with the proper cage.  They are the perfect pet for first time pet owners!

As babies, it is vital that dwarf bunnies be housed in a wire floor bottom cage (Flooring 1 x 1/2 inch wire spacing).  

This will insure that bunnies immune system is not compromised.  Vented resting trays can be used to prevent hocks / calluses, in larger breeds.

Reasons why a dwarf rabbit is an easy animal to take care of:

  • They are very clean animals and will focus on one area or corner.

  • They don't require shots, or tags.  The bunny should be properly wormed by an experienced breeder.

  • If you are going on a 2-3 day trip (no more than that) you do not need to board them at a kennel.

  • Most bunnies will litter train like a cat.

  • You can teach them tricks like a dog.

  • They have personalities as much as a dog or a cat would.

  • And they are very QUIET!

Holland Lop Rabbits are the smallest of the LOP eared breed of rabbits.  Full grown they will be in the 3 pound and 4 pound range.  A pick of the litter may be even smaller in size.  Some brood quality adults can be in the upper 4 pound range.  This is still smaller than other breeds of LOP rabbits.  They have the sweetest personalities and known to be Lap bunnies.  You can hold them on their back sides like baby dolls and they absolutely love attention.

Deworming of our rabbits:

We de-worm all of our bunnies with several different worming agents before leaving our Rabbitry.  Each worming agent contains a broad spectrum of parasite killers. This ensures a healthy bunny.  Eighty percent (80%) of rabbits are carriers of their own diseases.


In our opinion, Rabbits should be kept in a cage with a wire floor bottom.  Even larger breeds of rabbits should be kept on wire floor bottom cages or potty trained out of the cage.  Larger rabbits will need vented resting trays or AKA foot rests. These trays are vented to prevent hocks (calluses) on their feet.  Hollands Lops and smaller dwarf breeds usually do not have this issue.  This is the best way to prolong bunnies life 8-10 years.

NOTE: We handle all our bunnies and parents and try to make all of them affectionate.  If you get a baby at 8 weeks old, they will be easy to handle.  The more they are held, the friendlier they should become.

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Please be sure dvisit our customer REVIEWS.

Bunny Items For Sale:

We sell directly to our customers.

The proper cages, water bottles, food, hay, treats, potty boxes, and litter for bunny.  So he/she can stay on the same diet once they leave to their new home.   We also can ship supplies directly to our customers.  

Please contact us for an itemized list if you have already purchased a baby from us.

We accept most major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMX.

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