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Pionus Maximilian & Blue Head Babies!

Pionus Bird Care

The Best Beginner Parrots are the Pionus. They are very sought after for their great personalities. 

Reasons why a Parrot is an easy animal to take care of:

  • They don't require annual shots, or tags.  A Pionus parrot should be properly groomed by an experienced breeder or vet.

  • If you are going on a week long trip (The Parrot Should Be Water Bottle Trained) you do not need to board them at a kennel.  Most parrots will water bottle train like a rabbit.  

  • You can teach them tricks like a dog.

  • They have personalities as much as a true family member would have.

  • And they are very QUIET!

Proper Cage Size & Maintaining A Good Disposition:

The cage size should be big enough for the bird to spread his/her wings.  Giving about 24 inches in width or less.  The bowl size for any parrot cage should be at least 20 oz measuring 5 inches across from the top.  Most people will overlook this and find out later they purchased the wrong cage!

This can easily be achieved by the elimination ALL toys and unnecessary perches from the cage.  Toys are a HAZARD!  All toys should be kept on a BIRD STAND baby should be Bird Stand Trained when purchased to ensure a well rounded disposition.  Birds are NOT like dogs and cats.  

Note: I am only right about 90% the time.  It is your investment to make : )

Our philosophy is a large BIRD STAND & SMALL CAGE.  Birds never want to be in a cage.  So the size should be as small as possible.  Meaning the parrot needs to be out of the cage when at home.  The investment should be in the BIRD STAND the largest you can afford while rotating toys weekly.  An Amusement Park should be your goal!  


When Choosing an Avian Certified Vet:

Please keep in mind.  The Dr. should be Avian Certified and their diploma should be posted PROUDLY on the wall.

As of 2016 the THIRD Leading Cause of DEATH in the US is due to Medical Errors, for humans.  How high is it for animals?  They will never tell us!  Or they may say it was due to COVID : ).  

The Pionus sub-species of parrots are all great beginner birds.  These birds are quiet, fair talkers, and great for apartments or condos.  No feather dust-hypoallergenic.  Pionus are considered a small parrot approx. 12 inches or less in size.  This breed is often overlooked and very hard to find.  It is almost impossible to ruin its disposition, and they have big personalities.  You cannot find any negative reviews online regarding these species of birds.  We breed several sub-species of Pionus the Maximilian, Blue Headed, White Capped, Dusky, and Bronze Winged.

It has taken many years to obtain enough bloodlines in order to incorporate five different sub-species of Pionus into our aviary.  Doing so will ensure the long term survival of these sub-species of birds. 

Bird Items For Sale:

We sell directly to our customers.  The proper cages, bird stands, toys, perches, other items for birds.  So he/she can stay on the same diet once they leave to their new home.  We also can ship supplies directly to our customers.  

Please contact us for an itemized list if you have already purchased a baby from us. 

We accept most major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMX.

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